Saturday, October 20, 2012

Write-In Candidates for U.S. Senate Correction

Shelby Co. Election Commissioner Dee Nollner erroneously told voters in an email on Wed. Oct. 17 that there were NO Write-In Candidates certified to have their votes counted in the general election Nov. 6th:
"Also, if I may share my personal pet peeve - I don't think it serves any purpose whatsoever to write-in a name - if you do not like either of the candidates, simply skip that race!  Writing in Mickey Mouse, your neighbor or favorite politician produces no record of that vote other than the total number of write-in ballots in that race. Only a legimitate write-in candidate is totaled for votes - a  legimate write-in candiate must apply 50 days before the election  - there are no write-in candidates in this election. So please do not  take up time at the voting booth to write in a name."  Oct. 17th

In fact there are ELEVEN certified write-in candidates for U.S. Senate, including me.  

My Certificate of Write-in Candidacy was submitted on Aug. 6 and stamped by the Secretary of State Elections on Aug. 7th.   Here it is

I hope the Commissioner will correct this for the public record ASAP and not misinform voters about their choices in this important election.

Jim D. Maynard
Jim Maynard for U.S. Senate

Friday, October 19, 2012

Coalition on Human Needs - SAVE for All Campaign

Say NO to Austerity!

Coalition on Human Needs - SAVE for All Campaign

Strengthening America’s Values and Economy (SAVE) for All is a coalition of national, state and local advocacy groups, service providers, faith-based organizations, policy experts, labor and civil rights groups working to protect important services from harmful federal budget cuts and to save the federal capacity to spur economic recovery and progress for the benefit of all. Join the SAVE for All Campaign Group by visiting the Stay Connected page.

The campaign will develop materials that make the case for the involvement of federal resources, engage grassroots advocates, employ media strategies and contact members of Congress with messages consistent with the campaign's Statement of Principles of:
  • Protecting low- and moderate-income people in budget and deficit reduction proposals.
  • Preventing multi-year appropriations caps that force harsh reductions in domestic/human needs services and other beneficial programs.
  • Preventing restrictive structural changes to essential programs like Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Balancing spending cuts needed to address the debt with progressive sources of revenue.
Featured SAVE for All Pieces:
New SAVE for All Letter to Congress

More than 1,900 Groups Nationwide Want Federal Budget Plans to Protect Low-Income People, Create Jobs and Fund Services Responsibly

Read the Letter with Signers
Read the Press Release

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bowles-Simpson Austerity vs. A Progressive Budget

What Was Actually in Bowles-Simpson — And How Can We Compare it With Other Plans? — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

The mainstream corporate media and corporatist politicians sing the praises of the Bowles-Simpson austerity plan.. here's what they don't want people to know about it.

There are better, more progressive, ways to deal with the deficit and national debt, like the Congressional Progressive Caucus' People's Budget

National Priorities Project

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Progressives Must Fight for the Senate

I'm feeling a little better about the election after the Democratic convention.  President Obama gave a great speech which presented a more progressive vision for America than Mitt Romney.   I just hope the Tea party doesn't win any more seats in Congress or the Senate to block everything, and that President Obama stands by what he says now and does NOT go along with the austerity measures the Republicans, and some Democrats" are proposing, like cutting Social Security benefits. It's going to be a long hard fight AFTER the election...

Remember Republicans, including Bob Corker, will block any progressive legislation and try to force President Obama into accepting more tax cuts for the rich and austerity for the working class. That is why the Tea Party if more focused on taking the Senate, and keeping the House than on the Presidential election.  That is why progressives must focus on taking back the House and throwing Republicans like Bob Corker out of the Senate.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney/Ryan Declare War on American Working Class

The GOP has declared war on FDR, the New Deal, Social Security, Medicare, the poor, the elderly, and the working class,  The Romney/Ryan budget plan will decimate what is left of the greatest achievements of Democratic Party liberalism: Social Security and Medicare.  Obama and the Democrats have been handed an opportunity to reclaim the legacy of FDR, I hope and pray they don't blow it!

The Romney/Ryan budget proposals call for massive cuts to Social Security, Medicare, education, health, environment, infrastructure.. every program that is essential to building the American economy and provide for the general welfare of the people, while CUTTING taxes for the corporate rich.

The Romney-Ryan Plan to END Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid
For more see: Romney Picks Ryan

The central question in this election should be WHO should pay for the Reagan-Bush deficits ran up over 30 years of supply-side "trickle-down" economics, and unpaid wars and massive military spending?  My answer is that we must reverse the policies that CAUSED the national debt--repeal the Reagan and Bush tax cuts, and CUT military spending.

Social Security has not contributed ONE DIME to the U.S. debt.  Social Security has a trust fund with a surplus of nearly $300 trillion.  We should not cut Social Security, we should expand it, and RAISE the cap on Social Security taxes on incomes above $107,000.

Medicare spending will skyrocket if healthcare costs continue to climb, largely because of a medical-industrial complex that maximized profit at the expense of public health, and the growing population of senior citizens who will need health care.  The answer to Medicare's problems is NOT to turn it over to private insurance companies and CUT benefits to senior citizens.  We should NOT balance the budget or reduce the debt on the backs of senior citizens, current or future!

President Obama and the Democrats MUST defend the bedrock of FDR's New Deal (Social Security) and LBJ's Great Society, or loose what little credibility they have left as the party of the working class.

The People of Tennessee need to know that the GOP Candidate for the U.S. Senate, Bob Corker, SUPPORTS the Romney/Ryan plan to CUT Medicare and Social Security.  Unfortunately the Tennessee Democratic Party failed to present a viable candidate to take on Bob Corker and the Republican war on working class people.

I'm offering my name as a write-in candidate for U.S. Senate.  I will not win.  The corporate funded political system has guaranteed the re-election of Bob Corker to the U.S. Senate.  But we can get our message out, we can challenge the Corker/Romney/Ryan attacks on working class people in Tennessee and present a progressive alternative, and a vision for what we must FIGHT for to save the future of our country, our democratic system, and our working class grand parents, parents and children.

Thanks for your support and don't forget to WRITE-IN JIM MAYNARD FOR U.S. SENATE!
(Paperwork has been filed with the Tennessee Election Commission to guarantee that Your write-in vote for me WILL be counted.)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Deficit-Reduction Package That Lacks Significant Revenues Would Shift Very Substantial Costs To States And Localities

Deficit-Reduction Package That Lacks Significant Revenues Would Shift Very Substantial Costs To States And Localities — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

The Romney/Ryan Budget would CUT  discretionary state and local Aid  by 22% in 2014, Tennessee aid would be but by $447 million.  Estimated Cuts of 20.6 % to these grants from 2013 - 2021 would be over $4 BILLION

Bob Corker Supports this plan
I do not

Ryan Medicaid Block Grant Would Cut Medicaid by One-Third by 2022 and More After That — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Ryan Medicaid Block Grant Would Cut Medicaid by One-Third by 2022 and More After That — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Tennessee Democratic Party Has Failed The People (Again)

Once again the Tennessee Democratic Party has failed to present the voters of Tennessee with a clear, progressive alternative to the Republican candidate for Senate. In 2006 I ran a write-in campaign against Harold Ford Jr. who ran a conservative campaign against Bob Corker. Despite Harold Ford Jr's pandering to right-wing anti-gay bigots in Tennessee, he still lost. Everyone knew HFJ was a fake. And that is the problem, the Tennessee Democratic Party too often presents voters in TN with FAKE candidates and FAKE choices. 

It is time for a CHANGE. We need to stand up and FIGHT the Republican Tea Party's radical agenda. Too bad the TNDP couldn't find any strong candidate willing to take on Bob Corker, because Corker supports the radical GOP plan to gut Medicare, Social Security and the safety need for millions of people, while giving big tax cuts to the corporate rich. There is a class war, and the TNDP is unwilling or unable to fight that war...

Tennessee Democratic Party Disavows Senate Nominee

Rachel Maddow: Tennessee's "Orphan State" Problem

With Corker and Clayton out of the Question, Write in Jim Maynard for Senate in TN

With Corker and Clayton out of the Question, Write in Jim Maynard for Senate in TN | Irregular Times

Write-In Jim Maynard for Senate (Tennessee)

Since the TN Democratic Party has basically forfeited the 2012 U.S. Senate to Republican Bob Corker, I'm offering my name as a write-in candidate to those who want their write in vote counted. (Paperwork is being filed with the TN Election Commission to make the write-in votes count.)

 I'm a 48 year old gay, humanist, democratic socialist activist in Memphis, Tennessee. I've been fighting for economic and social justice, LGBT equality, separation of church and state my whole adult life. In 2004 and 2006, I ran a write-in campaign against Harold Ford Jr., who betrayed the Tennessee LGBT community and progressives, and ran for Congress as a right-wing Democrat, opposing LGBT civil rights and siding with Republicans on many issues.

 I have no illusion of winning this election. Neither does the Tennessee Democratic Party, which could not find and support a viable candidate to oppose Republican Bob Corker, and allowed an unknown anti-gay right-wing nut to "win" the primary. The TNDP has urged everyone to write-in a "candidate of your choice," I offer my name if you want to stand up to the right-wing Tea Party Agenda of Bob Corker and the Republican Party, and if you want your write-in vote to be counted.

Jim Maynard Write-In Candidate for U.S. Senate 2012