Thursday, September 6, 2012

Progressives Must Fight for the Senate

I'm feeling a little better about the election after the Democratic convention.  President Obama gave a great speech which presented a more progressive vision for America than Mitt Romney.   I just hope the Tea party doesn't win any more seats in Congress or the Senate to block everything, and that President Obama stands by what he says now and does NOT go along with the austerity measures the Republicans, and some Democrats" are proposing, like cutting Social Security benefits. It's going to be a long hard fight AFTER the election...

Remember Republicans, including Bob Corker, will block any progressive legislation and try to force President Obama into accepting more tax cuts for the rich and austerity for the working class. That is why the Tea Party if more focused on taking the Senate, and keeping the House than on the Presidential election.  That is why progressives must focus on taking back the House and throwing Republicans like Bob Corker out of the Senate.

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