Saturday, October 20, 2012

Write-In Candidates for U.S. Senate Correction

Shelby Co. Election Commissioner Dee Nollner erroneously told voters in an email on Wed. Oct. 17 that there were NO Write-In Candidates certified to have their votes counted in the general election Nov. 6th:
"Also, if I may share my personal pet peeve - I don't think it serves any purpose whatsoever to write-in a name - if you do not like either of the candidates, simply skip that race!  Writing in Mickey Mouse, your neighbor or favorite politician produces no record of that vote other than the total number of write-in ballots in that race. Only a legimitate write-in candidate is totaled for votes - a  legimate write-in candiate must apply 50 days before the election  - there are no write-in candidates in this election. So please do not  take up time at the voting booth to write in a name."  Oct. 17th

In fact there are ELEVEN certified write-in candidates for U.S. Senate, including me.  

My Certificate of Write-in Candidacy was submitted on Aug. 6 and stamped by the Secretary of State Elections on Aug. 7th.   Here it is

I hope the Commissioner will correct this for the public record ASAP and not misinform voters about their choices in this important election.

Jim D. Maynard
Jim Maynard for U.S. Senate

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