Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney/Ryan Declare War on American Working Class

The GOP has declared war on FDR, the New Deal, Social Security, Medicare, the poor, the elderly, and the working class,  The Romney/Ryan budget plan will decimate what is left of the greatest achievements of Democratic Party liberalism: Social Security and Medicare.  Obama and the Democrats have been handed an opportunity to reclaim the legacy of FDR, I hope and pray they don't blow it!

The Romney/Ryan budget proposals call for massive cuts to Social Security, Medicare, education, health, environment, infrastructure.. every program that is essential to building the American economy and provide for the general welfare of the people, while CUTTING taxes for the corporate rich.

The Romney-Ryan Plan to END Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid
For more see: Romney Picks Ryan

The central question in this election should be WHO should pay for the Reagan-Bush deficits ran up over 30 years of supply-side "trickle-down" economics, and unpaid wars and massive military spending?  My answer is that we must reverse the policies that CAUSED the national debt--repeal the Reagan and Bush tax cuts, and CUT military spending.

Social Security has not contributed ONE DIME to the U.S. debt.  Social Security has a trust fund with a surplus of nearly $300 trillion.  We should not cut Social Security, we should expand it, and RAISE the cap on Social Security taxes on incomes above $107,000.

Medicare spending will skyrocket if healthcare costs continue to climb, largely because of a medical-industrial complex that maximized profit at the expense of public health, and the growing population of senior citizens who will need health care.  The answer to Medicare's problems is NOT to turn it over to private insurance companies and CUT benefits to senior citizens.  We should NOT balance the budget or reduce the debt on the backs of senior citizens, current or future!

President Obama and the Democrats MUST defend the bedrock of FDR's New Deal (Social Security) and LBJ's Great Society, or loose what little credibility they have left as the party of the working class.

The People of Tennessee need to know that the GOP Candidate for the U.S. Senate, Bob Corker, SUPPORTS the Romney/Ryan plan to CUT Medicare and Social Security.  Unfortunately the Tennessee Democratic Party failed to present a viable candidate to take on Bob Corker and the Republican war on working class people.

I'm offering my name as a write-in candidate for U.S. Senate.  I will not win.  The corporate funded political system has guaranteed the re-election of Bob Corker to the U.S. Senate.  But we can get our message out, we can challenge the Corker/Romney/Ryan attacks on working class people in Tennessee and present a progressive alternative, and a vision for what we must FIGHT for to save the future of our country, our democratic system, and our working class grand parents, parents and children.

Thanks for your support and don't forget to WRITE-IN JIM MAYNARD FOR U.S. SENATE!
(Paperwork has been filed with the Tennessee Election Commission to guarantee that Your write-in vote for me WILL be counted.)

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